The Monuments of Distinction family is committed to meeting your family’s memorial needs. Some of our businesses have been servicing the community for over 100 years. You can trust that we will make every effort to please you in your time of need.

We know how tough it can be after a loved one passes. Let us help you create an appropriate tribute to the one you love. We are here to help you with all that you will need to handle, including:

  • Interpretation of cemetery regulations.
  • Headstone material choice.
  • Carving the stone into the shape you want.
  • Assistance with the headstone design.
  • Make suggestions to help you decide on lettering.
  • Install the headstone at the cemetery.
  • Restoring bronze headstones (See our do-it-yourself article on restoring bronze headstones.)
  • Headstone cleaning (Here’s a good article on headstone cleaning).
  • Cast Bronze Plaques (Read our article on cast bronze plaques).

All carving, lettering, and installations are done by us. Special orders are no problem. If you are in the greater Philadelphia area contact us for an appointment.

Headstone Types

Grass Markers

Bevel Markers

Slant Markers





Some of our locations have operated since the 1800s; rest assured that we have extensive experience with every cemetery in South Jersey and will be able to guide you through the rules and regulations of each.



Incorporating Personal Information

The person’s name and life dates quite often are carved in stone or cast in bronze on the headstone. Maybe other information will be appropriate. You should keep in mind the theme that you have decided upon as well as size limitations. Remember, this headstone will be commemorating your loved one for a long time. Keep it simple. Keep focused. Don’t try to put too much information on the stone.

Add a Headstone Picture?

If there is enough space on the headstone, some individuals choose to add a ceramic picture to the headstone design. Ceramic pictures are made from a porcelain or ceramic material. These types of pictures have been used for many decades to adorn monuments and headstones with a likeness of the person the headstone is for. The process of transferring an image to a porcelain tablet has been refined over the years and now it is possible to have a very nice copy of an original photograph added to the headstone.


If it is appropriate to the theme of your headstone you may want to include an epitaph. Maybe you would like to create a special epitaph based on the person’s life. Sometimes the perfect thought for your headstone has already been expressed. Poems and verses from songs have been used as epitaphs. It is ok to borrow from existing epitaphs. Another great source of beautiful epitaphs is bible scripture. For more information see our Headstone Epitaphs article.